vs. Indianapolis Blues: May 18, 2019

While the WRBBC continued to display solid hitting with 34 hits, including four doubles, it was not enough to overcome a ragged first inning defensively and solid Indianapolis Blues' hitting. The result was a 28-20 loss on a fine Saturday afternoon in Strawtown played under 1886 rules. The Blues plated 11 in the top of the first and moved ahead 17-4 after two and a half innings. A 6-run third inning by the men in wool made the game interesting, but they could not close the Blues' lead any further. WR was lead in hitting by Digger (5-for-6, a double, 2 runs); Sarge (5-for-7, 2 doubles, 3 runs); Speedy (5-for-7, 3 runs); Clipper (4-for-7, a double, 3 runs); and Stilts (4-for-7, 3 runs). Moose added 3 runs as each WR player crossed the plate at least once. Whitey patiently drew a full count walk. Of note defensively, Digger made 7 outs behind the plate; Speedy made a fine running catch in right field; and Scooter snagged a line drive at second. Alternating at pitcher, Scooter totaled 5 innings as the starter and Sparrowhawk hurled the other 4 in relief. The 20 runs scored by WR represents its best effort against the Blues in documented history.

Tom Streit